Philippe Fass


Philippe Fass


VOO Telecom Buffer Rage - a message to those who don't have the fastest internet

Behind the Numbers - a radio campaign you'd rather not hear

Foundation Against Cancer - The Good News

Multiple Sclerosis Society – Nothing’s Simple When You’ve Got MS

National AIDS Trust - Unopenable Envelope

Amnesty International – 50 years invitations

CAP48 charity for the disabled – ‘Reserved’ Car Park

BlindMeters - how long have you been driving blindly?

Pimkie Mini Fashion Bar - the hotel minibar for clothes

Hansaplast Tears - Miniature watercolours painted with children's tears

Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors' Showcase - Naked Ambition

National AIDS Trust RADIO – HIV Is Great

Amnesty International – Empty Concert

CAP48 Charity for the Disabled - Oscars

Hansaplast Hearts - Plasters for kids' broken little hearts

Quick Hamburger Restaurants - Share the Magic

Toyota Hilux - Indestructible Online Showroom

Saatchi & Saatchi – The Interview

Voltaren – When Everyday Movements Seem Impossible

Amnesty International – Open Your Eyes to Domestic Violence

VOO Telecom Raging Banners - Voice recognition turns swearing into ads

Parents of Child Road Victims - Emoji Crush

Toyota Landcruiser – Who says 4x4s aren’t good for the world.

Short Film – ‘Lucky Old Bag’

Ariel environmental washing – Your Whites Have Never Been So Green

Amnesty International – Child Soldiers Shouldn’t Die as Heroes

Foundation Against Cancer - Shadow WiFi

Foundation Against Cancer - Poo Praline

Toyota MR2 Roadster – Baby On Hold

National AIDS Trust – ‘Whisper’ cinema event

Amnesty International – Won’t be Able to Attend

Filigranes Bookstore - Why do you read?